Sunday, November 4, 2012

{a special marriage}

This post is dedicated to my Mom and Dad who would have celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary today.  For those of you who don't know, my Dad passed away from cancer about a year and a half ago.  I am so thankful for the example my parents gave to me and my siblings and to those around them.  No marriage is perfect but they displayed a love and commitment to each other through good times and hard times.

Watching my parents go through my Dad's cancer for ten plus years was an amazing experience for me. They stuck together through a very tough time and showed how the Lord can bless you through those trials.  The last year or so of my Dad's life became harder for him to be mobile and do a lot of the things he was used to doing.  I was blessed to still be at home during this time and witness a wife care for, love and support her husband beyond the emotional and "good feelings" of a relationship.  I was able to witness a husband who loved and appreciated his wife so unconditionally.  And who always had a smile for you, which I know encouraged my Mom.  I will always remember that special bond they shared.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!  Love you both so much! 

My Dad looked very different at the end due to medications, but he still had his big heart and love for life.  

This one makes me smile.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


After we said "I do", John and I were blessed to go on our honeymoon right away!  We left for the Cities on Sunday and stayed over night: hotel  #1.  Monday we flew out and the first stop was Seattle.  On our way there, one of the stewardesses found out it was our honeymoon and offered us a special gift.  Thank you, Air Alaska!

We arrived in Seattle and got to spend a couple hours there before our connecting flight.

The next stop...HAWAII!  We had about a five hour flight there but it went really good!  As we got closer  they served traditional Hawaiian Mai Tais.  SO good!

We arrived in Hawaii late that night so we had booked a hotel a few minutes from the airport: hotel #2.  The next morning brought our first real glimpse of such a beautiful place.  We checked out and got a cab to Kealia Resort, about 20 mins away: hotel/condo #3.  It was a quieter spot and our condo was about ten feet from the beach and ocean - looking out and seeing the blue water and hearing ocean waves all day long is one of my favorite memories.  

Once we got settled in there we realized we needed food and water.  We also realized the closest store was about five miles away.  So call a cab, right?  Yes, great idea.  But when the cab actually never shows up, this poses a problem.  There we are sitting in this nice condo, on the beach, in Hawaii, and we have no food or water.  The next thing I know, John is in the kitchen getting out a pot and preparing to boil water so we could have something to drink. Haha did I mention we were in a nice condo, on the beach, in Hawaii?  Thankfully we were able to get our rental Jeep the next day!                                                                                         

We loved our stay at Kealia Resort and wouldn't mind going back again!  Once we had the Jeep we were free to explore around the island.  We had a farmers market close to the condo, the best little restaurant that had AMAZING hazelnut milkshakes with actual chunks of hazelnut and a beach to relax on.  Not to mention gorgeous sunset walks!

One night we were able to drive to a Luau and enjoy a great show, a large feast and even a special dance to recognize the newlyweds attending :) 


Newlyweds! The sun was so bright when taking the picture I thought "hey I'm wearing sunglasses so I can just close my eyes and no one will ever see".  Fail.  

This was hands down our favorite restaurant we tried.  The upstairs to it where we ate was like being on ship.  It was open air at night right over the water.  Absolutely wonderful.


We'll call this post good for now.  More to come so stay tuned!